needs YOU!

Posted on 01 November, 2009 by Gary Bennett

The Roker is an SAFC-nostalgia website and I'm looking for fellow fans to share their memories amongst others. We've already interviewed ex-Sunderland players, and we'll be publishing them all on a regular basis.

We all recall the scolding hot bovril, the empty pies, those toilets. But we also remember the GREAT times at Roker. The FA Cup run of '73, the SuperHeroes of the 60's, the Team of All Talents.

Perhaps YOU have fond recollections of a massive derby or cup tie at our beloved Roker Park. Or maybe it's the memory of your first game watching from the terraces as a kid.
This is where YOU come in...

I want a POSITIVE website built purely to share these memories of days gone by.
Sunderland AFC ... before football was rubbish!

Trawl through your memory banks and tell me what you loved about Roker Park ... or, what got up your nose! Tell us about those games and tell us about the players. Tell us about the atmosphere ... and tell us about
The Roker Roar!

If you don't have the writing bug like me, then get in touch and tell us who you'd like us to interview (with the questions, as well, if you like) It's a different kind of website, with a different kind of approach. I hope you'll appreciate that, and help me and my friends build it up to be something we can all be proud of - including fans.

Treat as a legacy for us all - so that Roker Park memories will not fade away.