Dominic (Nick) Sharkey - Q&A

Living now: Fulwell, Sunderland
Born: 1943
Occupation now: Sales Executive

As a youngster, who was the biggest influence on your career?
Alan Brown - for various reasons.

How did you come to join Sunderland?
Charlie Ferguson watched me play schoolboy football. He asked me to go on trial at Sunderland, and the rest is history!

How do you remember your Sunderland debut?
Scunthorpe United at home. Not a lot - the game passed over in no time. Tom Passmore was centre-half, he didn't give me a kick! (NB - as a 16 yr old, you wouldn't remember much).

What was your most memorable match as a Sunderland player?
2 Games for me. Firstly, the match against Norwich City, when I scored five goals. Secondly, a match against Benfica when I scored three.

And the worst?
When we were beaten by Chelsea in the last game of the season. That stopped us getting promoted to the First Division.

Which do you consider your best goal for Sunderland?
The goal I scored against Man United in the Cup - a scissor kick from 20 yards out!

Who was the best player you player alongside at Sunderland?
Geroge Herd, he was an artist. Ball trickery was superb.

Who was the best you played against?
George Best - can't say any more.

What’s the greatest moment of your playing career?
Scoring those five against Norwich City - still a record.

Who do you rate as the best manager you player under?
I didn't rate any of them! The best coach was Alan Brown.

What was the funniest incident you recall during a game?
During a game against Southampton, I remember Maurice Huxford was told to man-mark George Herd. During the match I looked for George, and they were both standing in the tunnel! That took man-marking to another level!!

What was the best part of being a professional footballer?
Getting paid for something I loved doing.

And the worst?
At the time, having to train every day. Looking back, though, I was so fit. I wish I could still do it!

Looking back at your playing career, any regrets?
None what so ever.

What did you do as your playing career ended?
I lost the love of the game at the age of 28. Ran a sports shop, sold cars, I was an oil salesman. Then, I went on to do what I do now.

What are doing these days?
I am a sales executive for a major fruit machine company. It's the easiest job I've ever had, including football.

What’s the most important thing in your life at present?
My family.

Any other comments for the website?
It was an honour to play in the Red & White Stripes of Sunderland AFC.
The supporters were always behind me ... but I managed to shake them off halfway up Fulwell Road!!


Team (as a kid) - Celtic
Boyhood footballing idol - Willie Fernie (Celtic)
Best friend in football - Cecil Irwin
Favourite ground (other than Roker) - Old Trafford
Favourite current premiership player - Peter Crouch
Favourite current premiership manager - Raphael Benitez
Singer - Michael Bolton
Film star - Sean Connery
Film - Harry Potter
TV programme - Deal or No Deal
Past-time (except football) - Golf
Food - Chilli Con Carne
Holiday – Spain - Yalon Valley

If you could meet one person in the world, who would it be?
Tiger Woods.