Interviews and Q&A

We'll be publishing interviews on a regular basis. If you'd like a particular player interviewed (you may also have some questions), please contact us via the link on the left.

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Johnny Crossan
"(George) Hardwick made it clear from the start that he didn’t rate me"

Johnny Mapson
"For the one and only time in my career, I received an approach to throw a game.."

Len Shackleton - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
“Listen, I’ve nothing against Newcastle – I don’t care who beats them!”

Gary Bennett - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
"My best save was against Spurs in the FA Cup - unfortunately I get sent off for it!"

John Byrne
"I don't think I've ever fully recovered from missing that sitter in the final"


Lee Howey
"Ordy's celebration after scoring his first goal against Grimsby. He went NUTS!!"

Neil Martin
"I played in that many relegation battles with Sunderland, Coventry & Forest - that I can't remember ANY funny moments!"

Ian Atkins
"In the short spell he was at Roker, Frank Worthington was a genius on the ball."

Leslie Dodds
I broke my nose in 3 consecutive games. First time I knocked it left to right, then right to left ... and the last time, I knocked it straight!

Cecil Irwin
"We played against George Best, Bobby Charlton & Denis Law ... Sunderland were equal to them all."

John O'Hare
"I really don't think there were any negatives, being a professional footballer."

Jonnie Bollands
"My best save was against Man City - a penalty taken by Bobby Johnston, the first one he had ever missed."

Nick Sharkey
"The supporters were always behind me ... but I managed to shake them off halfway up Fulwell Road!"

Gary Bennett
I remember it very well as I scored after 2 minutes against Southampton. The 'keeper was a certain Peter Shilton, we went on to win 3-1.

Albert Snell
"I played with a cruciate knee injury that eventually ended my career"

Stan Anderson
"Winning for the fans is the best feeling"

Marco Gabbiadini
"Eric Gates? A legend at the top level"

Ritchie Pitt
"To win when we were so much the underdogs was a great achievement"

Ron Guthrie
"Best part of being a pro? Playing in front of the great crowds at Roker Park"

Chris Makin
"Funniest incident? Playing Man United at home when the stripper ran on and asked me for a kiss!"

Michael Whitfield
"During a reserve game at Roker Park, Sam Allardyce broke wind and followed through. He returned later ... with fresh underwear!"