The Roker Roar Humbles The Mighty Spurs - Part 2

Written by Brian Leng

Moments later the final whistle blew, much to the relief of the beleaguered Spurs players who had managed to survive the Sunderland onslaught in what was probably the most incredible forty-five minutes of football ever seen at Roker Park. It was an experience that Spurs skipper Danny Blanchflower never forgot.

“I remember sitting in a capacity crowd in Barcelona, the wild excitement of a cup-tie at St.James’s Park and over 60,000 Manchester United fanatics packing the ground at Old Trafford this season,” he wrote a few days after the tie, “These and many more scenes of wild thrills I remember. But nothing I have ever heard equalled the intensity of that wild roar at Roker Park when Sunderland drew level. As we fished the ball out of the net and those wild-with-delight Sunderland fans streamed onto the field, I began to realise what the man meant when he coined the phrase ‘an ear-splitting roar’. I know the north-east is a fanatical soccer area but I doubt whether it has ever seen such excitement before – or ever will again.”

There would be no second chance for Sunderland though, and a few days later they were beaten 5-0 in the replay at White Hart Lane. The rest, as they say, is history as Spurs went on to beat Leicester City in the final to become the first team to achieve the League and Cup double during the twentieth century.

As for Sunderland, the defeat was a bitter end to a magnificent cup run but they could take satisfaction from the fact that they came closer than anyone to beating one of the greatest club sides in the history of the English game. At no other stage of the cup run were Spurs as close to elimination than on that unbelievable afternoon at Roker Park.


Wakeham, Nelson, Ashurst, Anderson, Hurley, McNab, Hooper, Fogarty, Lawther, McPheat, Dillon. (Harvey for McNab in replay).

Tottenham Hotspur

Brown, Baker, Henry, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Jones, White, Smith, Allen, Dyson.

Attendance: 61,326. plan to publish articles on great games from the past, as we approach a similar fixture during the forthcoming season.

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