SFPA Xmas Quiz Night 2009 at the Stadium of Light

Written by Neil Storey

The SFPA Christmas Quiz night was once again a sold-out event at the Stadium of Light. The event was sponsored by True Colour Digital.

Eric Gates was on hand to compare the event and the evening got underway with the usual Red Card / Yellow Card event before being introduced to this year's guest former players - Dick Malone, Benno and the long-lost Reuben Agboola - all of which, along with Reserve Team Manager Keith Bertschin, would face the public in the Q&A session at the end of the evening.

The Quiz event included picture and verbal questions ranging from the 50's to the present day. The questions were diverse and some so downright obscure that it is an testament to the depth of knowledge of fans that most teams scored mid 30's out of 50 and the winning team scored an unbelievable 44.5/50 points - hats off to you guys! Although I failed miserably with the football questions I did manage to contribute to the few film ones to retain a small amount of dignity. Anyone who thinks he/she knows about the lads should come and take this quiz on - if you are brave enough!

During the marking of the quiz papers, Eric kicked off what could only be described as a huge speed-raffle. There were so many prizes to get through that if you weren't off your chair with the speed of Eugene Bolt your prize was re-drawn and given to a better sprinter!

Finally we were at the Q&A session and once we were past the polite questions of 'how will we do this year?', 'who is the best signing?' etc, we could get down to the meaty questions of 'best moments', 'worst opponent' and 'who did you just hate as a player?'. Cue candid moments.

A few anecdotes from Eric and we are done - sent out into the snow on a cold Thursday evening in December - some steadfastly clutching those hard-to-get raffle prizes. As a newbie to the event I thought it was an excellent night, and one I will be looking forward to again. After all, where else can you be entertained, fed, be made to look ignorant on football matters, AND rub shoulders with some of the greats of SAFC history - all of which are happy to take the time to chat and pose for pictures.

For more pictures from the event, including former players and fans, click here.