About us

Were you a Main Stand programme-reader? A Fulwell End mad lad? Me? - I was lucky enough to be involved on the field, but if I had been on the terraces watching the Lads, I would have been a Roker End man.

My name is Gary Bennett. Welcome to theRokerEnd.com


At last...

It's been a long time coming, but it's here ... an SAFC website that celebrates the GOOD times of supporting Sunderland!

We have the memories, we have the technology and - more importantly - we have dozens of ex-Sunderland players who want to share their anecdotes with us.

The Sunderland Former Players Association will share this space with us, as well as the brilliant StatCats website. The site grew from an idea by Gary Bennett, and is supported fully by Brian Leng (well-respected SAFC historian who has also advised the club on a number of issues) and Neil Storey (who is now responsible for the website).

But, with the added support of complete LEGENDS such as Bobby Kerr, Jimmy Montgomery, Charlie Hurley, Gary Rowell and many others - the site will be a GREAT source for interviews, features, stats & pictures.

However, there are OTHER legends that we want to involve. Benno wants the input of fellow Black Cats fans, so hark back to the "Good Ol' Days' and start jotting down those memories from BEFORE football was rubbish.


theRokerEnd needs YOU!

theRokerEnd.com is an SAFC-nostalgia website and I'm looking for fellow Sunderland fans to share their memories amongst others. We've already interviewed ex-Sunderland players, and we'll be publishing them all on a regular basis. (There are also very handy links to the StatCat site)... more>