Arguably, the SAFC's most memorable period in living memory ....

Just the very mention of it to any Sunderland fan, and eyes glaze over. Porter's goal, Monty's save, Stokoe's hat ... all great great memories.

This section of theRokerEnd.com will be dedicated to that cup run, and everything that went with it. We'll publish pictures, anecdotes, copies of 'paper clippings, programmes - and your own memories, too.

E-Mail us with your stories and recollections of that fantastic FA Cup run, which saw Bobby Kerr, our own "Little General", lift the Trophy at Wembley Stadium.

We'll start with the top man, himself, Bob Stokoe.

Bob Stokoe, "The Messiah"


29th November 1972 - Bob has just been appointed manager. No-one could have predicted the incredible events that were about to unfold in the months that lay ahead.

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